This graphic portrays the medical side of blocked ear wax.

This graphic show the ear canal with any blocked ear wax being present.

Ear Wax Blockage.

Blocked Ear Wax is one of the most common, frustrating and infuriating ailments that can afflicts any of us at any time. Thankfully rather infrequently. Manual syringing has historically been the most common method for removing blocked ear wax, but it can prove to be a prolonged and often painful process.

Too forceful, and ear drum perforations can often results, not forceful enough and the blocking ear wax is not removed. Quite a gamble, relying entirely on a little luck, and the skill of the syringe operator to separate the hard ear wax from the eardrum - often a very delicate and distressing process.

Well that gamble is over - a thing of the past.

The 'Ear Wax Gone' treatment uses a purely natural occurring oil to soften, then emulsify (dissolve) the wax and carry it out of the ear mixed with the emulsifying oil. Quickly, completely and painlessly removing the blocked ear wax. There is no pre-dozing, no period of softening the wax, no days of deafness and distress through impairment of hearing, no distress or dizziness, and the whole operation removing the blocked ear wax is over in a lot less time.

Why was this treatment not used to remove blocked ear wax before - well apparently it was used by the Greeks for centuries and then forgotten about. Incidentally the oil used is related to olive oil, but was valued by the ancients more for its medicinal than gastric qualities.

The current method in use in clinics throughout the world, is syringing the ear using luke warm water. Some times applied by a hand driven syringe and sometimes applied by a pulsating electrically driven pump. Neither method is really satisfactory, or comes anywhere near the effectiveness of the 'Ear Wax Gone' to remove blocked ear wax. Both methods cause dizziness and pain, can lead to permanent ear damage, and more often than not, fail to remove the wax.

But there again as I write this I realize that most of the people who will read this already know these facts and that is why they are reading here, hoping to find a simple pain free method of regaining their full hearing.

Well look no further - It is right here.

Using 'Ear Wax Gone'.

Blocked Ear Wax is quickly removed using this fresh approach to the removal of blocking ear wax. It is not just drops you put into you ear and hope eventually to get relief with. It is a self contained ear wax flush , where you use the entire contents of the applicator, to soften and flush the blocked ear wax away, followed by several hot water flushes to remove all traces of the blocked ear wax and the oil itself. Bringing complete relief in minutes.
In the outer part of the ear canal cells produce ear wax (cerumen), that is meant to trap particles of dust and dirt, and repel water. Thus protecting the delicate eardrum from damage. Ear wax gradually migrates away from the eardrum as fresh earwax is formed, carrying any dirt it has trapped further away from the eardrum. In the normal course of events. The ear wax eventually dries and falls out of the ear in small, unnoticeable flakes .
Normal production of ear wax is healthy and good for your ears. If too much ear wax is being produced, it can block the ear, but more commonly, the ear becomes blocked because of improper ear care and ear cleaning. If you push cotton swabs, pencils, your finger or other objects into your ear canal to try to remove ear wax, the force can push the ear wax further into the ear and compress it against the eardrum. Blocking Ear wax, also called cerumen impaction , is a common cause of temporary hearing loss.

Blocked ear wax or ear wax impaction is the impediment of the ear canal with cerumen or ear wax. Because of the blocked ear canal, it can be become a cause for hearing loss and perhaps the most common cause of deafness. The ear canal has hair follicles as well as the glands. The ear wax or cerumen produced by the glands functions as protection against foreign particles that may find its way into the ears. The wax gradually moves to the opening of the ear either falls out or is removed when taking a bath. But in some people, their ears tend to produce more ear wax, and this extra ear wax may become almost solid within the ear canal and causes the blockage. Aggravated when cleaning which pushes the ear wax deeper into the ear canal. 'Ear Wax Gone' does not do this. The blocked ear wax is actually removed painlessly and swiftly.

Ear wax defined

Ear wax is a normal product of the ear which protects the skin of the ear from water and infection. Ear wax is formed from wax glands in the external ear canal as well as other components such as dead skin, sweat, and oil. The primary component of blocking ear wax is keratin (derived from dead skin). Ear wax thus differs slightly from cerumen which is the secretory product of the ceruminous glands in the external auditory canal (Hawke, 2002).

Different individuals vary considerably in the amount and consistency of their ear wax. There are two types described, wet and dry, which are inherited. Dry wax is common inAsia , while wet wax is common in western Europe. Dry wax, also known as "rice-bran wax", contains by weight about 20% lipid (fat). Oddly enough, rice-bran wax is associated with a lower incidence of breast cancer (Hawke, 2002).

Wet wax consists of approximately 50% lipid (Burkhart et al, 2000). Wet wax can be either soft or hard, the hard wax being more likely to be impacted. While ear wax is generally simply felt to be a nuisance, in medieval times, ear wax was used as a component of pigment for illumination of manuscripts (Petrakis, 2000). Too little ear wax increases the risk of infection (Fairey et al, 1985). Too much wax also increases the incidence of infection and hearing loss. So, you want just enough.

While we are not aware of a study of this, some people (and some ears) are "wax producers", and others remain wax free without much maintenance.

What can go wrong with ear wax ?

    1.                Wax can plug up the ear, causing hearing to be reduced, and a full feeling in the ear

    2.                Wax can trap bacteria in the ear, leading to infection. This is usually painful or at least itchy.

    3.                Ear wax can obscure vision when the doctor looks in your ears, possibly hiding a dangerous process.


This graphic depicts ear candles being used to remove blocked ear wax.

Superior Ear Candles Promotes better hearing, better lymphatic circulation, pressure regulation, remove ear wax, etc. USA - FOOD & DRUG AUTHORITY (FDA) State:- Distribution of medical devices (Superior Ear Candles) determined to be fraudulent and deceptive due to unsubstantiated labeling claims. Automatically detain all designated devices from importation into the United States. Blocked Ear Wax; Gone No.3. Click here for further information.


This graphic is of a known ear wax softener that is used to remove blocked ear wax

A new study, led by researchers at The Montreal Children’s Hospital, has revealed that certain over-the-counter ear wax softeners containing the active ingredient triethanolamine can cause severe inflammation and damage to the ear-drum and inner ear. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 4. Click here for full report.


This graphic illustrates a typical swab stick that is often used in vain to try and clear blocked ear wax. in

Deeper swabbing is potentially risky for three reasons. First, if you have a lot of blocking ear wax, placing the swab into the canal will tend to pack it down, which can turn a partial blockage into a complete blockage. Second, you may damage the ear drum if the swab is inserted too deeply. Finally, if you scratch or abrade the ear canal skin, you may cause a painful infection of the canal ("swimmer's ear," known medically as otitis externa.)


This graphic depict a typical syringe that is normally charged with water and used to try to clear blocked ear wax.

Irrigation or "syringing" is a standard method of wax removal and approximately 150,000 ears are irrigated each week in the USA. It has many disadvantages, for example, in the rare instances when there is a perforation, irrigation may force water and wax into the middle ear, causing a nidus for infection. Often ineffective with compacted wax.


This graphic depict a standard vacuum pump design for self use in clearing blocked ear wax.

Sixteen participants with earwax were selected, and were allowed to use a proprietary vacuum ear wax removal machine. On examination after this treatment, visibility of the ear drum was unchanged and no participant felt that there was an improvement in their hearing.

February 22, 2008: 10:31 am: Dr. Neil Bauman.........Ototoxic Drugs, Ear Wax Removal Softeners Medication (Cerumenex) Found to be Neil Bauman, Ph.D...........You would think that a medication to remove blocked ear wax would not damage your ears, wouldn’t you? Don’t bet on it..........A new study at The Montreal Children’s Hospital revealed a shocking truth — such preparations can be very damaging to our ears........ Here’s the report..........A new study, led by researchers at The Montreal Children’s Hospital, has revealed that certain over the counter (OTC) ear wax removal softeners containing the active ingredient triethanolamine can cause severe inflammation and damage to the eardrum and inner ear..........The results of the study, recently published in The Laryngoscope, suggest that use of these medications should be discouraged..........“Patients often complain that wax is blocking their ears and is causing discomfort and sometimes deafness,” says Dr. Sam Daniel principal investigator of the study and director of McGill Auditory Sciences Laboratory at The Children’s............Over-the-counter ear wax removal softeners are used to breakup and disperse this excess wax........... However, the effects of these medications on the cells of the ear had not been thoroughly analyzed.”.......... “Because some of these products are readily available to the public without a consultation with or prescription from a physician, it is important to make sure they are safe to use.”............“Our study shows that in a well-established animal model, one such product, Cerumenex, is in fact, toxic to the cells of the ear,” says Dr. Daniel.........Dr. Daniel and his team studied the impact of Cerumenex on hearing. In addition, overall toxicity in the outer ear and changes in the nerve cells of the inner ear were analyzed...........“Harmful effects to many of the cells were observed after only ONE dose,” says Dr. Melvin Schloss co-author and MCH Director of Otolaryngology............“We observed reduced hearing, severe inflammation, and lesions to the nerve cells". In contrast, Blocked Ear Wax Gone uses a organic pure emusifying oil.


  • Keep your ears dry. Dry your ears thoroughly after exposure to moisture from swimming or bathing. Dry only your outer ear slowly and gently with a soft towel or cloth. Never insert your finger or any other object into your ear. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 12.

  • Swim wisely. Avoid swimming in polluted water. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 13.

  • Use earplugs. Some earplugs are designed specifically to keep water out of your ears when swimming. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 14.

  • Avoid putting foreign objects in your ear. Never attempt to dig out excess or hardened blocking ear wax with items such as a cotton swab, paper clip or hairpin. Using these items can pack material deeper into your ear canal and irritate the thin skin inside your ear. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 15.

  • Protect your ears. Avoid substances that may irritate your ear, such as hair sprays and hair dyes. Or put cotton balls in your ears when applying these products. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 16.

  • Use caution after ear infection or surgery. If you already have an ear infection or have recently had ear surgery, talk to your doctor before you swim. Blocked Ear Wax Gone No 17.


Their own comments and spelling.

I have just been diagnosed as having my right ear blocked with wax. I haven't had any loss of hearing but am suffering a lot of pain in my ear and eadaches and also it is extremely painful in my ear when I swallow. I have been using olive oil drops as recommended by my gp and after five days I am still suffering. Has anyone else experienced pain with this condition?


i've had problems with hard blocked ear wax since i was a teenager - and found sodium bicarbonate by far the most effective remedy. Olive oil and other commercial preparations are ineeffective.

Both my ears were partially blocked with wax, the right ear was worst effected. I went to have them syringed, but the nurse told me I had to use olive oil drops for at least 14 days before she could syringe them due to previous litigation for damaged ear drums.

Nine days later the right ear blocked ompletely, and became sore and uncomfortable. Being on holiday I found a practice nurse who syringed both ears, the left cleared completely, but the right one remained blocked. That night I hardly slept due to the increased pain in my ear. by the following afternoon I was in more pain, so I went to an A&E department, and was referred to the ENT ward. A doctor attempted to remove the wax with suction, but again it wouldn't shift. She told me to take painkillers and bicaronate of soda eardrops for another five days and to come back for a second attempt at sucking the wax out. I really hope it works this time - it is painful and suprisingly debilitating being totally deaf in one ear. I'm due to fly in a week - I hope I will be able to.

My right ear has been blocked for a month now. The GP has tried to syringe it twice and has now referred me to hospital. I got a letter to choose and book an appointment. Basically I have to wait 7-8 weeks to get an appointment in 3 months time. No hearing in one ear for 1/3 year because of our substandard health service.

I had a totally blocked left ear which started when I had to take a half hour walk looking for an address in -17 deg C in downtown Chicago, the right ear was not effected as I was wearing a mobile earphone on it. The wax inside had become hard and within the next week clogged the canal fully. I used Dewax drops for a day (3drops thrice, left ear up for about 3 to 4 min after putting the drops) then went to the ENT Doctor, he cleaned up the wax first by scooping out some wax then he flushed it out by saline water, I was first feeling giddy for 5 min then slowly got my balance back, the next day I'm perfectly fine.

I have used oil for 14 days and the syringing didn't work. Given that this happens to me every few years, and I sort of know the cycle now, I believe there is reluctance on the part of the NHS to want to carry out syringing. My nurse gave a very half hearted attempt and told me to try oil for another two weeks and to change my diet. She had no idea what sort of diet I have and in fact, it is excellent, and in line with her recommendation. Then my 6 minutes were up and I got shown the door.

I am in pain, I cannot hear, e.g. cannot use the phone and feel dizzy.

Thanks for all your help NHS - when I really need you, every couple of years or so, I get a lecture on my diet.

I am due to fly next week, to Holland, and am arranging to see a doctor there.


  1. Earwax is a combination of sheets of desquamated keratin squames (the dead flattened cells on the outer layers of the skin), cerumen (a wax-like substance produced by ceruminous glands, which are modified sweat glands), sebum (from sebaceous glands), and various foreign substances (e.g. cosmetics and dirt) [Hawke, 2002; Wilson and Lopez, 2002; Burton and Doree, 2003.

  2. Ear wax has several functions. It aids removal of keratin from the ear canal (earwax naturally migrates out of the ear, aided by the movement of the jaw). It cleans, lubricates, and protects the lining of the ear canal, trapping dirt and repelling water. It is mildly acidic and has antibacterial properties [Burton and Doree, 2003; Guest et

Other Terms Used for Ear Treatments.

Cerumen—The medical term for earwax.

Curette—Also spelled curet; a small loop or scoop-shaped surgical instrument with sharpened edges that can be used to remove tissue, growths, or debris.

Ear candling—An alternative method for removing blocked ear wax (impacted cerumen) with a lighted hollow cone of paraffin or beeswax. It does not work and is not considered an acceptable treatment for any blocked ear wax problem or disorder.

Impaction—A condition in which earwax has become tightly packed in the outer ear to the point that the external ear canal is blocked.

Irrigation—Cleansing a wound with large amounts of water and/or an antiseptic solution. Also refers to the technique of removing wax (cerumen) from the ear canal by flushing it with water.

Myringotomy—A surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the ear drum to allow fluid or pus to escape from the middle ear.

Otalgia—The medical term for pain in the ear. Impacted cerumen can sometimes cause otalgia.

Otitis media—Inflammation or infection of the middle ear space behind the eardrum. It commonly occurs in early childhood and is characterized by ear pain, fever, and hearing problems.

Tinnitus—A noise, ranging from faint ringing or thumping to roaring, that originates in the ear not in the environment.

See also Ear exam with an otoscope; Myringotomy and ear tubes; Otitis media.


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Bing Go !! I can hear! My Ear Wax Gone kit arrived today and I immediately used it. I can hear clearly again after 2 weeks of suffering. I had used the peroxide gel and I was putting a few drops of Mineral Oil in my ears every night...nothing was working. The side of my face was somewhat swollen just because I kept rubbing my ear trying to get it to open up...what a horrible time I was having. I could hardly hear on the phone which made working stressful...just having conversations in general was stressful. I am so very glad that I went online in one last attempt before calling the doctor. Your product is worth every penny and more!! Thanks so much for shipping out immediately...thank you, thank you!!!" Ben G. Blocked Ear Wax 1011.

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"I appreciated the good customer service and your Ear Wax Gone kit worked like you said it would. Everything is so loud now I feel like I need earplugs, even talking sounded like I was talking in surround sound, my ears have never been this clean and I am 36 years old and have had earwax problems for most of my life and now I know I won't have to worry about earwax or $180 doctor bills to clean my ears every few years. Thank you very much!" Ron P. Blocked Ear Wax 1013.

"I build hard wax fast and was going to the Dr. every two months. I would put drops in both ears two days in advance to make it easier for both of us. What a pain. Now a couple of Ear Wax Gone kit fills and I saw lumps of wax at my feet." John H."I've had problems with earwax build up in the past. But no more, thanks to your product. No more going to the doctor, only to have him tell me to use ear drops to soften the wax, and come back in a few days and he would clean them for me. Seriously, your product works" Bridget S. Blocked Ear Wax 1014.

"For several years starting around 1992, I had hearing problems caused by excessive wax build up. It severely affected everything I did. I compare my hearing during this period to using ear plugs while holding your hands over your ears at the same time. It was that bad. Sometimes, one ear could hear clearly while the other ear sounded muffled. As a result, I would compensate by turning my head suddenly to try and "catch" a sound which caused a slight strain in my neck. I tried every ear cleaning product on the market. NONE OF THEM WORKED. I bought the Ear Wax Gone kit about 2 years ago and I haven't had a problem since." David D. Blocked Ear Wax 1015.

"This device is brilliant! I have used the Ear Wax Gone kit and I am thrilled to bits with it! I have been having my ears syringed every 6 months for the past 10 years, because the wax builds up and I go deaf. It is fabulous to be in control and not have to depend on nurses to clear my ears." Emma M. Blocked Ear Wax 1016.

"I couldn't wait to tell you how fantastic your product is. I hadn't been able to hear out of my right ear for about 3 weeks. I had gone to the doctor for a sinus infection and he said my ear was clogged with earwax and I would have to come back to have it removed. In the meantime, I found your website and ordered the Real McCoy. After using it in my right ear, I could hear again!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your product really lives up to it's claims." Pamela M. Blocked Ear Wax 1017.

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"As I'm sure you expected to hear, I think your product is incredible! Yesterday, my left ear was fully clogged and I couldn't hear in it. I felt miserable and had to ask everyone "what" and "huh?" Today, I'm like a new person thanks to the Ear Wax Gone kit. It cleared out my wax-clogged ears with ease! My ears are so clean and, best of all, I can hear again!!! Now, I know I will never have to experience the hearing loss and discomfort of "full" ears I felt this past week. Forget about those over-the-counter ear drops!!! Who are they for anyway?? Certainly not anyone with serious ear wax problems. Can't wait to tell my dad about this product. Thank you so much! It was really fantastic." Barbara M. Blocked Ear Wax 1019.

"Your 'Ear wax Gone' works brilliantly my right ear was completely clogged up with ear wax. I am used to this happening every nine to twelve months. However this time instead of being bad tempered and grumply for days on end I cleared it in a few minutes - so well done. James D. L. Blocked Ear Wax 1020.

"What a relief, after being almost completely deaf in my right ear for several weeks, and partially deaf in my left ear, I purchased the Ear Way Gone and I de-waxed both ears and my hearing is now back to normal, much to the delight of my family and friends. Harry J K. Blocked Ear Wax 1021.

"My wife ordered your device for me and I just want to let you know that it is remarkable! I have problems with my ear sometimes and using (cotton swabs) really doesn't do the job. After using it, I've been able to clean my ears more effectively and safely. I think it's the most effective ear cleaner available." Rita B. Blocked Ear Wax 1022.

"I have been using this for several months now, and I have been very pleased with it. I have always had a problem with earwax, and my ears feel much cleaner after using it. I had become very dissatisfied with over-the-counter products such as (rubber bulb kits) that never seemed to work for me. It is very easy to use, and I would recommend it to anyone with an earwax problem." Jill S. Blocked Ear Wax 1023.

"Hi, because I am hard of hearing I wear hearing aids in both ears. Due to the wax build up in my ears the effect of the hearing aids is greatly diminished. I have obtained various Blocked Ear Wax systems with a soft bulb such as (one of the common name brands) from the local pharmacy. The results were not satisfactory. It was not until I found your Ear Wax Gone kit on the www that I could satisfactorily remove the ear wax. I thank you for this product." Tony S. Blocked Ear Wax 1024.

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"The Ear Wax Gone kit arrived yesterday, and I had a successful first flush this morning. Many thanks for your prompt response. Pete W. Blocked Ear Wax 1044.

And Many Many More.