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For all your validation documents.

(just about to be launched) MANUAL of VALIDATION.
This is being produced in response to a plethora of inquiries from our website this 1000 + page manual will contain, templates for all validation documentation + detailed information enabling existing and trainee validation staff to author and execute protocols across the pharma skills. In other words the information on mechanical, electrical, instrument, software, planning and documentation will enable staff to work across these skill sets.

This definitive manual on validation practices and procedure, represent amazing value. The document templates are completely unique; there is nothing comparable on the market. An example of this is the template for the Installation Qualification (IQ), when you down load this document you find it is a forty four page document. Then you find that the first five pages are in the form of an SOP.
So, you start on page 1, and within 15 minutes your on page 3, and you have auto-populated the entire document with over 100 insertions of names, titles, identity numbers, company details, and equipment details, throughout the document. The SOP leads you step by step and page by page through to completion, well within one hour. The SOP is deleted, the now stand alone IQ, is auto paginated, and complete, ready for peer review and approval.
Look for it at Http:// - it will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks and will be in had copy or DVD. This is a new website that will be up and running in ten days time.


Look for it at Http:// - it will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks and will be in had copy or DVD.

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