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This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) takes you through the validation process for equipment, from the very early first stages to the final closing stage. It will ensure that your validation is seamless, that the correct documents are raised, approved, executed, reviewed and accepted correctly. It shows how to use validation tools such as the very important matrix control document and equally important risk assessments. There are ever-increasing demands on the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries to meet increasing regulatory and legislative requirements, whilst improving the performance and efficiency of the business. This SOP shows the way to streamline your validation while still being fully compliant. Easing and smoothing the production and flow of protocols, so decreasing costs and delivering validation ahead of schedule. It is essential material for the new comer to validation and will direct you flawlessly through all validation tasks. For the company it is an essential SOP to add to the library. For your convenience it is written in word.

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