Failure Mode Evaluation & Analysis for Bio-Med.


Validation Online has taken the difficulty out of using a Fault Mode Evaluation & Analysis (FMEA) as a method of analysing risk.   All the risk assessment tables are included and referenced and the analysis flow chart is ready to go.  All ambiguities and obscurities have been designed out and the tool can be used by first timers with the greatest of ease. 


Try it, and find out just how good an FMEA can be at assisting you to anticipate problems and then pre-empt them.  This FMEA carries our usual warranty; so if you find it unfit for purpose, your purchase costs will be refunded in full.


Once you start using this method of measuring risk, you really will wonder how you managed before.  Regulatory agencies world wide now require documented evidence that processes and techniques have been subjected some form of risk analysis.


Risk assessment is a much discussed subject.  Now, in retrospect when you look back over some of the problems we had in the past, you realise that had a Failure Mode and Effect Analysis been carried out prior to accepting the functionality of some process equipment, we could have avoided much heart ache and cost.


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