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Contracted Validation could be a great asset to you, if you manufacture or supply equipment (software or hardware) into the pharma regulated industries. Your customers want documentation that conforms with the relevant sections of the cGMP regulations for the United Kingdom (MHRA) or the United States of America (FDA) or sometimes both, it is a tough and expensive task. Many supply companies supply documentation packs, but call them, validation packs. The customer usually finds out the hard way that there is an awful lot of work involved in developing these ‘packs’, into an acceptable format.

I know only to well, I personally have worked with them for 20 years. Often this poor standard blocks the sale of the equipment, with the purchaser forced not to buy the best, or cheapest, but the one that is validatable. This really happens time and time again.

This is a real problem and it is more wide spread than a lot of people admit. Often clients, having bought a piece of equipment, are horrified to find out it costs more to validate it, than it cost to buy it. Having faced this dilemma once they are forever reluctant to face it again. Being in a position to show your prospective client, successful validation documentation is most definitely a massive sales boost.

Validation Online can do this for your products. We can write the required validation documentation and make it available from our website, ready for your customer to download and electronically edit using our unique format, changing it effortlessly and quickly into their very own bespoke documents, ready to review approve and execute.