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FDA's ability to keep food supply safe questioned by Congress.
Transcript for Validation Online video:- The recent rash of tainted food and other products was the subject of a hearing on capitol hill today. Lawmakers heard allegations that the food and drug administration is letting the public down. Today: congress questioned the FDA's ability to keep our food safe. It seems almost every day there's another headline about the dangers lurking in Chinese imports. diseased seafood--- contaminated pet food---toxic toothpaste. and it's the volume of our business with Beijing that is forcing the problem under the FDA's microscope. As a third of our food imports come from China. Half of our garlic... 40 percent of our apple juice... 80 percent of our vitamin c... c... China's regulatory program isn't really ready for the 21st century .. //they're a global player, but they're not ready for it yet. Just look at this--from an undercover chinese camera. This is supposed to be meat stuffing for buns but it's cardboard. The outcry started with the contaminated pet food that killed dozens of animals and injured thousands after they were fed a toxic chemical used to make plastics. that chemical was traced to wheat gluten imported from china. then came the warning about contaminated seafood---some with salmonella... but also ingredients you'd never think were there. There were antibiotic residues that are used to eliminate diseases in the fish farms - these antibiotics are illegal and can not be used in the US. The chinese are taking the matter seriously. The former head of food safety has been executed. He was accused of accepting bribes to overlook a dangerous situation. it's not just China -- this year the fda rejected diseased crab meat from indonesia, salmonella infested shrimp from thailand and contaminated tuna from vietnam.