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LAN Qualification.

LAN validation mainly consists of a process of establishing appropriately documented verifications and tests that provide a high level of assurance that a computer system will operate in accordance with predefined specifications. The specific approach to be used for each level of qualification should be outlined in the project validation plan and needs to focus on the critical parameters, data, and functionality of the computer system. While there are no absolute lines to be drawn between qualification testing of a computer system, it is recognized that the qualifications listed below provide the necessary control and continuity throughout the validation life cycle and must be approved for the system to be released for use in the GMP environment.

a)                         Design Qualification.

b)                         Installation Qualification.

c)                         Operational Qualification.

d)                         Performance Qualification.


Local Area Network.

A Local Area Network is required to operate a server centric environment where devices (PCs etc.) positioned throughout a site buildings can connect to servers that provide specific services (print services, file services etc.). To facilitate this environment they must include one or more Gigabit routing switches which are configured in a fault tolerant configuration, providing automatic routing switch fail-over (hot redundant standby through industry standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol or Standby Routing Protocol). The system implements “Hot-swappable” chassis modules, allowing I.T. personnel to swap any failed module without interruption to the network.

These Gigabit switches form the core network backbone.

The backbone in turn has departmental edge switches connected into the overall backbone and again a fault tolerant configuration is implemented on the majority of these systems to enable LAN Validation..

LAN Validation Key Objectives.

1)                  Ensure that I.T. operate as a valued strategic asset to the company.

2)                  Implementation of a quality and reliable LAN Backbone.

3)                  Maintain full compatibility with installed base of IEEE 802.3 E nodes.

4)                  Implementation of IEEE 802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet) for LAN Backbone.

5)                  Support and implementation of IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol.

6)                  Implement monitoring tools to establish key quality LAN metrics.

7)                  High availability.

8)                  High level of security.

9)                  Scalability. Capability of aggregating future bandwidth growth.

10)               IP Traffic Prioritisation.

11)               Backbone routing.

12)               Fault-tolerant backbone.

13)               100 Mbps switched to the desktop.

14)               n) Standardization on one networking technology


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