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Predicate rules are the requirements that can be found in 21 CFR Food and Drugs regulations. They are basically promulgated under the authority of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act or under the authority of the Public Health Service Act. The most well-known FDA regulations are the GMP regulations.

The Compendium of Predicate Rules (CPR) has been put together to satisfy a requirement that has existed for some time now. It enables you to reference the correct cGMP identity for your requirement, when working with any of compliance documents, from the User Requirements Specification (URS) through the - VMP - DQ - IQ - OQ to the PQ, you will always be capable of the referencing the associated rule. It acts as an aide-mémoire and allows you to be correct and accurate every time. No more boxing around with requirement descriptions - reference your requirements exactly. A really essential tool for all compliance professionals.

It can be used in meetings , during general conversation and during telephone conversations. You first check the CPR to see what rules apply, then check out the rules in depth. You can always be sure that your documents are referenced to the correct GMP requirement.



21 CFR Part 11, has been a problem ever since it was introduced. However the maze it was originally applied to, has been somewhat clarified, in as much that we now know that it applies to regulatory required information. If you have to keep data under a predicate rule, and you hold it in an electronic format, then Part 11 applies.

If there is no FDA requirement that a particular record be created or retained, then 21 CFR Part 11 most likely does not apply to the record.